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Fantail Hall Doll House

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Fantail Hall Deluxe 4-Storey Doll House - Elevate Playtime with Elegance

Experience the epitome of luxury with our Fantail Hall Doll House, a grand 4-storey residence featuring a central gable and a captivating front elevation that creates two charming outdoor patio areas on either side of the entrance. Delight in the added ambiance with included accessories such as a seat, birdbath, Palm tree, pink bush, and potted plant.

Immerse yourself in the convenience of accessibility with a central panel that opens, along with side panels providing entry into each section of the house. Each floor boasts a distinct pattern, designating unique room functions. The front doorway welcomes you onto a delightful Edwardian floor tile pattern, adding a touch of vintage charm.

This deluxe dollhouse boasts additional features, including room dividers, intricate staircases, operable doors and shutters, rear windows for enhanced natural light, and roof hinges allowing access to the attic space.

Enjoy the pride of assembling your dream dollhouse with the self-assembly requirement. Please note that furniture and dolls are available separately to personalise your fantasy residence.

Perfect for ages 3 and above, the Fantail Hall Doll House promises a world of imaginative play filled with sophistication and grandeur. Elevate your child's playtime with this exquisite dollhouse designed for hours of creative enjoyment.

Assembly Information:

Self-assembly required.

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