Doona Winter Cover

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Introducing Doona™ Winter Cover: Unmatched Protection and Comfort for Your Child

Equip your child for colder days with the Doona™ Winter Cover – a tailored solution designed to snugly envelop your Doona Car Seat & Stroller. This essential accessory guarantees warmth, shielding, and security, allowing your little one to brave the elements in style.

Additional Benefits:

Easy Maintenance: With machine-washable properties, upkeep is a breeze, allowing you to focus on memorable adventures.
Elevate your child's winter outings with the Doona™ Winter Cover. Embrace unbeatable protection, style, and comfort that stands up to any weather challenge.

Key Features

Optimal Fit and Versatility: Seamlessly attach the Winter Cover to your Car Seat & Stroller, ensuring easy usability and a secure fit. Engineered to accommodate various car seats, strollers, and joggers, it's your go-to winter protection solution.

Weather-Defying Performance: Crafted from water-repellent materials, the Winter Cover becomes a fortress against harsh winds and cold temperatures. Your baby's comfort remains unrivalled, even in challenging weather conditions.

Indulgent Luxury: Embrace the pinnacle of coziness with the cover's sumptuous lining. Every outing transforms into a luxurious experience for your child.

Tailored Comfort: The Doona winter cover features an adjustable snap collar, catering precisely to your needs. Customise the fit effortlessly, ensuring your child's utmost comfort.


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