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Meet the Little Dutch Wooden Peg Doll Family: A Whimsical Addition to Your Dollhouse Fun!

Dress up your Little Dutch dollhouse with the charming Wooden Peg Doll Family—a delightful ensemble comprising a father, mother, son, and daughter. This expansion set is tailor-made for the new Little Dutch dollhouse, ensuring hours of imaginative play. Elevate your miniature world with this family of wooden peg dolls, each crafted for endless fun and delightful moments.

Transform playtime into a captivating adventure as the Little Dutch Wooden Peg Doll Family brings a touch of whimsy to your dollhouse world. Watch as your child immerses themselves in imaginative scenarios, creating heartwarming stories with these lovingly crafted peg dolls. This expansion set is not just a guarantee for endless fun; it's an invitation to unlock a world of creativity within the walls of your Little Dutch dollhouse. Explore the joy of family play with these beautifully designed wooden peg dolls, and let the magic unfold in every shared moment.

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