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Dozy Dinkum - Squeak Posey

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Introducing Olli Ella Daydream Dozy Dinkum Squeak: Your Dreamy Adventure Companion

Discover the enchanting world of Daydream Dozy Dinkum Squeak! Embrace the cozy companionship of our adorable sleepy Dozy, and let your imagination soar.

Experience the magic of our limited-edition Posey print as Baby Squeak, the lovable love bug, wraps you in endless warm hugs throughout the day.

Crafted from luxuriously soft cotton, Dozy Squeak is not only posable but also features an endearing embroidered face and a delightful tuft of hair. Each Daydream Dozy Dinkum wears a charming suit with a heartwarming rainbow detail.

Designed to be cherished from birth, Daydream Dozy Dinkums are the perfect playtime pal for your little ones. They also make a delightful addition to any playroom, even for older kids.

Every Daydream Dozy Dinkum arrives snuggled in a 100% Cotton bag with a matching drawstring, which conveniently doubles as a laundry bag for gentle machine washes to keep your Dozy fresh and clean.

Unlock a world of imagination and endless cuddles with Daydream Dozy Dinkum Squeak - the ultimate companion for magical adventures.

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