Doona Essentials Bag - Nitro Black

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Introducing the Doona™ Essentials Bag: Your Compact & Stylish On-the-Go Companion

Experience unmatched convenience with the Doona™ Essentials Bag, thoughtfully crafted to elevate your Doona Car Seat journey. This lightweight and compact accessory boasts an elegant design while ensuring your safety with smart features.

Elevate your Doona Car Seat experience with the Doona™ Essentials Bag. Unleash the perfect blend of functionality and style, enhancing your journey at every step.

Key Features

Elegant Design, Unparalleled Practicality: Discover a harmonious blend of sophistication and functionality. The Essentials Bag, designed to perfection, offers easy maintenance and elegant aesthetics.

Safety Meets Style: Your Doona Car Seat's stability is a priority. The Essentials Bag is meticulously created to prevent entanglement hazards while maintaining your peace of mind.

Intelligent Organisation: With intelligently designed compartments, stay organised effortlessly. Every item has its place, enhancing your ease during travels.

Swift Connectivity: Embrace the power of quick-release Doona™ connectors. Seamlessly attach and detach the bag for hassle-free usage.

Lightweight Strength: Despite its compact size, the bag has a remarkable weight-bearing capacity of up to 1.5 kg, allowing you to carry various essentials.


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