Doona 360 Sun & Insect Protection

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Introducing the Doona™ 360° Protection: Unmatched Sunlight and Insect Shield

Enhance your baby's comfort and safety with the revolutionary Doona™ 360° Protection. Crafted to shield your little one from direct sunlight and pesky insects, this innovative accessory is designed to ensure their well-being during every outdoor adventure.

What's Included:

  • Doona™ 360° Protection
  • Sleek Compact Carry Bag
  • Elevate your outdoor experiences with the Doona™ 360° Protection – where safety, convenience, and style converge.
  • Make every stroll memorable and protect your baby with the best in class.

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Key Features

Ultimate UV Protection: Equipped with an advanced protective layer, the Doona™ 360° Protection offers unparalleled UV defence, boasting a UPF 50+ rating. Safeguard your baby's delicate skin from harmful sun rays with confidence.

Seamless Accessibility: Discover the convenience of dual zippers that provide effortless access to your baby at all times. Say goodbye to the struggle of maneuvering through layers – these zippers make bonding moments a breeze.

Adaptive Design: No matter the sunlight conditions, the Doona™ 360° Protection has you covered. With adjustable connectors, adapt the shield to various lighting scenarios, ensuring your baby's comfort throughout the day.

Effortless Installation: Snap-on attachment makes securing the protection to your Doona™ stroller a seamless process. Enjoy hassle-free setup and focus on creating lasting memories with your little one.

Bonus Carry Bag: To enhance your convenience, we've included a compact carry bag. Not only does it offer easy storage for the Doona™ 360° Protection, but it's also a breeze to wash, ensuring hygiene on the go.


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