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Introducing Daydream Dozy Dinkum Doll - Bug: Charming Limited Edition Baby Doll for Tranquil Playtime

Discover Bug, the charming limited edition Daydream Dozy Dinkum Doll. Crafted from dreamily soft 100% cotton, this baby doll features light brown skin, a tuft of blonde hair, and an irresistibly cozy non-removable blue soft twill onesie adorned with a vintage-inspired white star print.

Perfect for a tranquil naptime, the Daydream Dozy Dinkums make ideal companions for peaceful snoozes in the shade. Gently weighted and posable in a relaxed position, these soft-bodied dolls mimic the feel of a real baby when laid down. Choose from a delightful array of 4 different colors, making this sleeping baby toy a must-have addition to any doll collection.

Wrapped in a fully cotton outer layer with a plush polyester interior, this baby doll is both safe and tactile, suitable for children of all ages. The smooth onesie and fluffy polyester hair provide a delightful sensory experience, offering little ones a soothing and sleepy buddy to cuddle with. Lightweight and easy to carry, the design of this baby doll encourages children to learn the proper way to hold a baby and support its head.

Each Dozy Dinkum boasts meticulously embroidered facial features and a vibrant rainbow badge on its chest. These adorable, colorful companions are not just for nap time but serve as delightful playmates for role-playing adventures. Invest in the perfect blend of comfort, style, and educational value with the Daydream Dozy Dinkum Doll collection.

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