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Spiral Tower - Pink


Experience Endless Excitement with the Captivating Spiral Tower Toy

Introducing the captivating Spiral Tower toy, designed to provide endless entertainment for your little one. This colorful toy features five soft-hued pieces that are easy to stack, allowing your child to explore their creativity and develop their motor skills. Watch as the balls drop one by one onto the top tier and spiral down the tower, creating a delightful visual and auditory experience.

The Spiral Tower is not only entertaining but also educational. It enhances hand-eye coordination and teaches children the concept of cause and effect as they observe the balls winding and rolling down the tower. With its vibrant colors and engaging design, this toy is sure to captivate and stimulate your child's imagination.

The Spiral Tower includes three big easy-to-grip balls in different colors, adding an extra element of excitement. These balls also make a gentle sound when in motion, further enhancing your child's sensory experience.

Bring joy and learning together with the captivating Spiral Tower toy. Watch as your child's eyes light up with delight while they explore, stack, and discover the wonders of cause and effect. Get ready for endless hours of fun and educational playtime with the Spiral Tower toy.

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